Concussion Is Brain Injury

Treating the Neurons and Me

“Beautifully written first person account of life after a brain injury…. Shireen describes in detail the changes in her life after her brain injury, her family's reaction (spoiler alert: not helpful!), and the extensive treatment regimen that finally helped improve her functioning. This is a must read for anyone with a brain injury and anyone who is close to someone with a brain injury."

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And so began Jeejeebhoy’s long quest to find effective, healing treatment. In Concussion Is Brain Injury: Treating the Neurons and Me, Jeejeebhoy shares her journey and continuing discoveries about effective treatments to give hope to those who have suffered from concussions, or any kind of brain injury, and the people who care for them.

“riveting and enlightening” Kirkus Reviews

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Grief After Brain Injury

Read the most popular Concussion Is Brain Injury blog on Psychology Today: brain injury grief is extraordinary grief.

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